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Education is important Empty Education is important

Post by mikaela_rosee on Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:01 pm

In the movie Erin Gruwell, is granted a position to be a teacher. At the beginning the attitude towards these particular students is pretty negative and no one really had much faith. Their education was low due too no teachers putting in any effort or support for their well being. As students they all deserved to have an education, but the head of the school seemed to disagree. She was harsh towards their education, not providing things they needed such as better books and supplies. Erin went out of her way to make sure each student was learning in class time and were getting a proper education. She really had faith in them all, and it paid off because the attitude sure changed from negative to positive towards their education. Due to Erin's commitment.
This made me happy that they ended up actually getting a chance to learn.


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