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The Shooting - Ashlee Dart Empty The Shooting - Ashlee Dart

Post by ashleedart212 on Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:20 am

Eva went in the Convenient Store to get a few snacks while her boyfriend and his friend stayed in the car.
She was keeping an eye on the surroundings while getting what she wanted, there was a guy in an orange jumper on the game that was installed in the shop. He didn't win multiple times and was now demanding for his money back, he ended up walking out of the shop but Eva's boyfriends friend pointed a gun at him and fired it. The person in the orange jumper ducked down and missed the shot, but the bullet was fired through the glass door and hit one of the other guy's in the shop who was wearing a blue jumper. Eva then ran out of the shop to get back in the car.


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