Gang rep! By Jett Plummer

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Gang rep! By Jett Plummer Empty Gang rep! By Jett Plummer

Post by LeBron James on Thu Jul 23, 2015 3:08 pm

In the movie one of the main issues were gang wars.
Each gang for example "The African american gang" "The Korean gang" were fighting each member of each gang has expectations to live up too and if they don't do what is told consequences would be made!

Eva was at a servo with a gang member and in the servo a member of another gang that went nuts over a little video game. To live up to the gang Eva's friend brought out a gun and went to shot the guy going nuts. The guy going nuts ducked and the bullet ending up hitting an innocent Korean gang member! Eva and her gang member fled from the scene.
the next few days police were looking for evidence and because Eva was the only who saw the shooting she had to stand! She went to court and went on trial to give evidence knowing her consequences Eva told the truth got kicked out the gang and got bashed but not all was lost because she told the truth she got excepted by other people! a people of truth and no violence, friends who care about each other!
Justice was served!
cheers drunken
LeBron James
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Gang rep! By Jett Plummer Empty Re: Gang rep! By Jett Plummer

Post by Barney on Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:17 pm

good point! Razz

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